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  Wander Protection
Elpas Wander Protection provides peace of mind to family and staff, knowing that their loved ones are safe within protected areas. Wandering residents maintain their quality of life and freedom of movement while being kept safe from harm within the facility. When wandering residents are detected near protected exits, the staff is alerted, and the exit is secured.

The system preserves the homelike open atmosphere of the facility maintaining the attractiveness to guests and non-wandering residents. Wanderers are kept safe within the invisible boundaries while others can pass freely. The normal flow of the facility is not disturbed.

The Elpas security bracelet is a comfortable unobtrusive watch like bracelet that the resident wears on his wrist.  The pendant version is worn around the neck.  Both versions are waterproof and shock resistant with a 2 year battery life.

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  • Provides peace of mind – keeps residents safe within protected areas
  • Maintains quality of life  – allows freedom of movement for wandering residents
  • 2 year battery life – long life, low maintenance
  • Preserves open environment – invisible boundaries attractive to non-wanderers and visitors.
  • Unobtrusive – does not disturb your normal operations
  • Enhances level of service – enables your senior care facility to offer more and better services.
Product offerings and specifications are subject to change without notice. Actual products may vary from photos. Not all products include all features. Availability varies by region; contact your Regional Sales Manager.
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