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  Correctional Facility Emergency Call Solution
The Elpas Emergency Call Solution, using RTLS technology, safeguards correctional security personnel most at risk from inmate violence and aggression. Elpas Emergency Call provides manual and/or automated alerts that deliver precise real-time location data which identifies the individual in trouble and the location of the evolving security incident in order to dispatch emergency response teams.

How Emergency Call Works: Security personnel that may be subject to attack or injury in high-risk detention centers are provided with an Elpas Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter. Security personnel can use the transmitter’s two emergency call buttons located on either side of the unit for manual wireless duress alerting. An onboard tilt switch and a pull cord enable automatic alarming when the protected staff member is knocked down or if the unit is grabbed by force. The Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter is an integral part of Elpas Emergency Call Solution for Correctional Facilities linking personnel to precise real-time indoor location for end-to-end incident management.

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  • Precise Real-Time Location Visibility
  • Incident Management
  • Robust Alert Notification Options
  • Incident Reporting
  • Advanced Supervision
  • Solution Scalability
  • Highly Scalable Transmitter Capacity
  • High Availability
  • Backend Integration
  • International Standards
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